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Bari International Airport, Italy

September 2021 – A COBUS fan was welcomed by two brand new COBUS 3000 on her arrival at Bari International Airport. Thanks for sharing this nice snapshot with us!

September 2021 – Dublin

September 2021 – COBUS impressions from Dublin! Thanks to our former sales colleague we are able to post these brandnew COBUS 3000 being ready for their next job at Dublin International Airport, Ireland.

Santorini International Airport, Greece

July 2021 – This nice snapshot was taken by Mrs Funk on her arrival at Santorini Intl. Airport in Greece beginning of July. She was welcomed by almost a fleet of COBUS 3000 airport buses of the 1st generation. We hope you had a good although short time there!

Helsinki International Airport

July 2021 – Our Finish colleague, Katja Ellmen, had the chance of riding with such a beautiful COBUS 3000 from FINAVIA after touching ground at Helsinki Intl. Airport. Thanks, Katja, for sharing this photo with us and have a great time in your home country :o)!

Rome-Fiumicino Intl. Airport

June 2021 – Mrs Snezana Funk was welcomed by a COBUS 3000 of the first generation! Thank you for this nice snapshot proving that our COBUS airport buses do almost operate forever ;o)!

Heraklion International Airport, Crete

Mr Raimund Eschweiler provided us with this nice snapshot taken while taking off from Heraklion Intl. Airport yesterday. It shows 3 generations of COBUS airport buses! Thank you, Mr Eschweiler! We hope you had a splendid time there!


May, 2021 – Thanks to Snezana Funk we can share this nice snapshot with you taken on arrival at Rome-Fiumicino Intl. Airport, Italy, on Sunday.