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Convert your existing COBUS fleet into electric. Reduce carbon footprint and halve operational costs.

One of the benefits of our COBUS is its flexibility. Technology is changing quicker than the life time of the equipment, especially considering the fact that with the aluminium body of the COBUS 25 years can easily be reached. What about the emission standards? If electric is the future, you can either consider a new e.COBUS or you convert your existing COBUS fleet into electric: We call it e.START.

The e.START is the sustainable way, which we, COBUS, offer our customers. Removal of the diesel engine, assembly of electric drive train and battery packs on the roof make your COBUS emission-free. Repurpose of over 80% of the material makes the e.START an up-to-date solution for a better future. At the same time it offers the opportunity to overhaul your COBUS and to modernize your applications inside the COBUS.

Benefits of the Conversion

  • Flexibility» Fleet management saves operational and maintenance efforts
  • Technology» Opportunity charging without impact on battery life time


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