August 2017

One of four COBUS 3000 operating at Montréal International Airport.

August 2017

These are the first 2 COBUS 3000 delivered to Nepal Airlines in Kathmandu Airport last week!

July 2017

A photo taken from the first day of operation of the eCobus in Vancouver, Canada.

June 2017

A COBUS 3000 in operation at Malpensa Airport, in Milan, Italy.

May 2017

Our COBUS 3000 accompanies the IBERIA flight to its destination.

May 2017

Our stand at the Airport Show in Dubai 2017

April 2017

To celebrate Finland’s 100th year anniversary, there are 3 new COBUS at Helsinki Airport in association with Finavia.

March 2017

NAS Global posted: “All of our airport buses come from German manufacturer COBUS. We buy the best to be the best!” Thanks to NAS Global for this strong statement!

February 2017

Patricia Vasconcelos and Thomas Baillet were ready for the conference hype and were glad to welcome a lot of visitors and customers of ours at our booth!

February 2017

A garage full of COBUS was discovered at Geneva International Airport!

January 2017

The last COBUS 3000 was delivered these days to our customer EGAS in Taiwan.

November 2016

COBUS No. 100 serving at Atatürk International Airport, Istanbul

This photo shows COBUS no. 100 of Turkish Ground Services servicing a B777 at Atatürk International Airport in Instanbul. We would like to thank our valued customer for his loyalty shown to our COBUS airport buses!

November 2016

COBUS 3000 for SASCO
A brand new COBUS 3000 was lately deliverd to our valued customer SASCO and will now be operating at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

November 2016

COBUS 3000 servicing a Q-400 at Vienna Intl. Airport

One COBUS 3000 is more than enough to handle a full Q-400 flight – as spotted at Vienna Intl. Airport…

October 2016

3 new COBUS 3000 for Salt Lake City
One of three COBUS 3000 on the way to its new place of operation at Salt Lake City Intl. Airport in Utah, USA.