February 2017

Patricia Vasconcelos and Thomas Baillet were ready for the conference hype and were glad to welcome a lot of visitors and customers of ours at our booth!

February 2017

A garage full of COBUS was discovered at Geneva International Airport!

January 2017

The last COBUS 3000 was delivered these days to our customer EGAS in Taiwan.

November 2016

COBUS No. 100 serving at Atatürk International Airport, Istanbul

This photo shows COBUS no. 100 of Turkish Ground Services servicing a B777 at Atatürk International Airport in Instanbul. We would like to thank our valued customer for his loyalty shown to our COBUS airport buses!

November 2016

COBUS 3000 for SASCO
A brand new COBUS 3000 was lately deliverd to our valued customer SASCO and will now be operating at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

November 2016

COBUS 3000 servicing a Q-400 at Vienna Intl. Airport

One COBUS 3000 is more than enough to handle a full Q-400 flight – as spotted at Vienna Intl. Airport…

October 2016

3 new COBUS 3000 for Salt Lake City
One of three COBUS 3000 on the way to its new place of operation at Salt Lake City Intl. Airport in Utah, USA.



September 2016

Company outing – a very pleasant day!

With the bus being chartered for our company outing we arrived at our first station of our Tour de Dutt: Frankfurt’s Museum of Modern Arts. (*“dutt” meaning bag). We entered the roof top of the building and amidst the humming of thousands of bees we listened to the very interesting facts on these remarkable insects. A glass of delicious honey was being put into our “dutts” thereafter.




Taking the subway to Frankfurt’s suburb Bornheim, we reached the Kelterei a liquor store where we degusted the fashion drink Apfelsecco – a very tasty stuff! …to be continued




After a little bottle of Apfelsecco having found its way into our “dutts”, we went on heading towards the Menufakur (a location where a team of professional cooks teach groups how to cook). Being well instructed by the cooks, we enjoyed preparing the Frankfurt traditional meal called Frankfurter Grie Soos (a composition of seven different herbs) which was harmonically combined with root vegetables and boiled fillet or eggs for vegetarians.




Soon a delicious smell of what we produced filled the location. And the best of it all: Our aprons and a set of these seven herbs where being put into our “dutt”! …to be continued




Now a delicious dessert was needed…and found at the Naschwerkstatt (a nice, little confectionery)! Under the supervision of the passionate owner we created world’s best plum butter and zucchini chutney, which at the end was part of our “dutt”, as well.




The last highlight of our Tour de Dutt was a stop-over in the brewery Braustil. Four great types of beer were being degusted there and some interesting words on each type of beer accompanied every sip we took. While leaving the brewery, a big bottle of beer found its way into our “dutts”. At the end of this very nice day, our bus driver took us back to the company. Last but not least, we would like to thank Sabine for having chosen this wonderful event and her perfect organization!


July 2016

70th anniversary of our shareholder Salvador Caetano Group
In July our Portuguese shareholder, the Salvador Caetano Group, celebrated its 70th anniversary. All employees of its daughter companies CateanoBus, Porto, and COBUS Industries, Wiesbaden, came together and toasted their shareholder: “May the next 70 years be equally successful!”

The COBUS team celebrates its shareholder!

The teams from COBUS Industries and CaetanoBus celebrate together!

The CaetanoBus team celebrates this outstanding event!

The founding families Ramos and Caetano celebrate as well!

July 2016

21 COBUS 3000 for IBERIA

The last COBUS 3000 out of an order for 21 units was delivered to Madrid on July 21, 2016. We thank our valued customer IBERIA very much for the continuous trust in our COBUS and the long term partnership!

June 2016

COBUS 300 still in operation

We just received news from Skyserv Handling Services, Athens (formerly known as Olympic Handling) that our COBUS no. 3 is still in operation at Heraklion Airport. All in all Skyserv Handling Services has four of our old-timers still in operation. We are very proud of our products and would like to share this information with you.

June 2016

COBUS 3000 arrived with customer EGAS in Taiwan

Two COBUS 3000 have reached their destination with EGAS in Taiwan these days and will now start with their transport operation there. We wish all passengers a comfortable and safe ride on our COBUS 3000.

May 2016

COBUS on Dubai Airshow

We are glad having a successful time at this year’s Dubai Airshow with many new and familiar faces. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Emirates Airlines and DNATA very much for making available without any red tape “our” exhibiting bus, type COBUS 3000 Business Class.

The picture shows the visit of his highness Sheikh Ahmed, Minister of Civil Aviation of Dubai, which he paid us during the Airshow. We also thanked him very warmly for making available of the exhibiting bus.

Our bottom line: We will be back next year again!

January 2016

One star meets the other

The world famous football star Cristiano Ronaldo was recently spotted while riding in one of our COBUS airport buses. As one of the snapshots reveals, the COBUS offers more seating accommodations as we thought so far.

January 2016

Water – a rather uncommon element for the COBUS

Recent thunderstorms hiding India also severely affected our customer Bhadra in Chennai. One of our technicians was ordered to Chennai to assess any damage occurred to the COBUS and repair them, where necessary.

We very much hope that damages will not be of a serious nature and that Bhadra may soon return to a smooth and normal operation.

January 2016

COBUS arrived at Puerto Vallarta International Airport!

We are pleased to welcome Puerto Vallarta International Airport, Mexico, among over 300 airports worldwide running the COBUS airport bus.
Since January 2016, 3 units of COBUS 3000 are in operation there.
GAP (Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico) has made the choice of Cobus in order to optimize the comfort of passengers being transported on the apron.
Today, Cobus is proud to count not less than 44 buses in operation around Mexico.

November 2015

COBUS helps!

In November COBUS Industries received a telephone call from the German Red Cross and THW (technical support organization for catastrophes). They had to build up an infrastructure to host 500 refugees within 24 hours. One of the supervisors knew the COBUS and asked whether they could rent one unit for a first medical check? COBUS Industries agreed to it at no charge and thanks to our Head of Workshop, Markus Djokic, and his team one second hand unit was prepared and handed over to the Red Cross. The bus was brought to Gross Gerau (about 50 km from Wiesbaden) at his own axle – on board, of course, some boxes of our plush animals.

The COBUS is positioned at one fixed place and electrically and pneumatically connected to external power. The interior is divided by some plastic walls. One door at the right hand side and the rear door are opened.
Within one night only 350 refugees arrived from Bavaria by bus and all were medically pre-checked inside the COBUS. Afterwards, people were brought into the next located sleeping accommodations. The ones which might have a disease were separated into containers. The COBUS will be returned in about 2-3 weeks.

It is very impressive what kind of infrastructure was built up by the Red Cross and the THW within 24 hours and this by almost all being volunteers!

This shall not been considered as a political statement, but as human help!

October 2015

We would like to thank all our customers and interested visitors of the Interairport Europe in Munich in October 2015 for visiting our stand and your valuable feedback on our exhibition highlight product, the new COBUS 3000. We very much appreciated your overall positive remarks regarding design and technical improvements.

The e.COBUS also received very much attention and it was a pleasure for us to answer questions in detail on the special technology inside this bus. In this context, we would like to give our sincere thanks to our customer, Stuttgart Airport, who provided us with the e.COBUS as an exhibit for this show. Also we give our sincere thanks to our partner company, SIEMENS, for the excellent collaboration and support on our common stand.

We also received many comments on our new exhibition stand which we had on this year’s Interairport for the first time.

Finally we would like to thank all the busy and hardworking hands which helped that the exhibition was a great success for us.

We very much look forward to the next Interairport in 2017 and new exciting and constructive discussions with all our customers and interested visitors!

Your COBUS team

June 2015

Since June 2015 the COBUS has also arrived at the Ivory Coast! Our customer National Aviation Services ordered 5 units type COBUS 3000 with COBUS Industries. The first buses have been delivered these days and are already in operation. We wish our customer a smooth passenger handling with our COBUS!

June 2015

We warmly congratulate our customer, PMM Passenger Movers de Mexico, S.A., for eight years of successful passenger transportation in Mexico. We are very proud that our COBUS airport buses have been playing such an important role in this award. We wish PMM many more successful years to come! Our COBUS team will always be at their disposal!

April 2015

COBUS Industries celebrates a very special 25th anniversary this month!

On April 2nd, 1990 COBUS Industries, formerly known as CONTRAC GMBH, received its first order for 10 COBUS 300 from Olympic Airways. This first order proved to be the milestone of a story of success.

We would like to take this occasion to warmly thank all our customers, shareholders and business partners on behalf of the whole COBUS team for our long term successful cooperation and their continuous support, even in difficult times.

Another nice fact to be told: End of 2014 COBUS Industries delivered its 3,000th COBUS
to Air Mauritius.

February 2015

In February 2015 COBUS Industries received an order from the Swiss business partner Carrosserie Hess AG for the delivery of five COBUS 3000 with CNG drive for the final customer Basel Moulhouse International Airport which has been COBUS customer since 1995. The CNG power train will be installed by Hess in their Bellach facilities and is another example for an environmental friendly COBUS power technology.

COBUS 3000 with CNG drive

January 2015

The COBUS has now also arrived in Kenya! In January this year the first unit out of seven were delivered to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. According to customer’s requirements these COBUS airport buses were supplied with an elegant yellow-blue painting. We very much look forward to a fruitful and successful cooperation with the operator of these buses and warmly welcome him in the COBUS family!

First COBUS 2700S in Kenya