Are you familiar with the COBUS? Do you think it is stylish? Of course. You already have one! But what is actually behind the attractive exterior?

Most buses that are ordered for airports today bear the COBUS logo. We are the only company in the world that is dedicated exclusively to the construction of airport buses. And we have been for over three decades. For passengers, the trip begins already with the COBUS: its wide doors – the gateway to the world. An exaggeration? No. We lift them up already when they enter the bus. Form follows function? True. What should stand in the way of a classic form? Every COBUS generation is an eye-catcher at the airport. That’s what our customers and passengers say. Thanks to harmonious design and gentle face-lifting in the care of the models, even older generation buses never look outdated. A proven concept: A corrosion-free bolded aluminium body assembled from the patented CO-BOLT system is connected with the extremly rugged chassis. Practically indestructible. Just a little TLC is sufficient to keep the COBUS in good operating form. And technological progress? It allows us to configure your COBUS to meet the latest emission standards. In the future, even EUROMOT IV. That’s not enough? Then get yourself an E.COBUS! Brand new. Or as „diesel to electric upgrade“: your old COBUS comes to us and rolls back to you with a factory overhaul and complete e-drive!